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Manos design team develops garments and accessories for our collection, always aiming at pinning in it the traditions, techniques and identity of our country. In a world governed by mass production and globalization, there is an increasing trend to look for products with a meaning, with a story to tell.
Manos garments, manufactured one by one, are the best way of expressing our own individuality.
Manos collections are aimed at modern and active women, who enjoy the feeling of being unique, special, and at the same time, comfortable.

Taking wool as staple, and making the most out of the creative possibilities of hand-knitting and yarns, Manos del Uruguay designs garments that stand out for their creativity, their colors, and their high quality.

To achieve this, the first step is the search for trends: for that, there are many information sources: technical magazines, web information, and traveling abroad. Trends have two fundamental aspects: materials and shapes. Its important to know which fibers are fashionable (thick or thin, combed or carded, soft or fuzzy, rustic or soft, etc.). On the other hand one must pay attention to the trends regarding the type of knitting used, the motives (intarsia, jacquard, braids, etc.), modeling and terminations (embroideries, appliqués, etc.)

All this information is reflected in the development of yarns (in general mixtures of wool with other natural fibers) and the manufacturing of samples that present different knitting stitch patterns, knitting, looming, crochet and felting techniques.