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Girosur Compass
This Compass points South

Girosur Compass

This Compass points South


The creation of our clocks and compasses has a direct link to our southern hemisphere, its ocean currents, the movement of the sun and stars and of the cultures and people at these latitudes.

 The relationship between these are the natural  turns in the tides of the ocean currents between the equator towards Antarctica; the same as the turns we see on a solar clock or in native ceremonies of the south. It's what we call girosur, the positive turn, the turn that harmonises.

 It's not by chance that the native southern cultures consider the South to be located "above" since that's where the "Huella de Ñandu" is seen, commonly known as the Southern Cross; a group of stars used for centuries as a means of orientation.

 In more recent times, the painter Joaquín Torres García graphically represents the South to be on top. Linking these elements helps us build our identity thus harmonizing with Mother Earth or "Abya Yala"; the name given to The Americas by the people of Kuna.

From a text provided bu Girosur workshop

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Code 4800011
Extra info. : Diameter: 20 cm
Width: 4 cm
Weight: g
clock, southern hemisphere, torres garcia, south, manos del uruguay, manos, crafts, handmade

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