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We work all the craft techniques necessary to develop wool garments, from knitting with two needles, to manual knitting machines, looms, crochet, felting techniques, etc.

We craft dye vibrant, smooth, faded or space dyed colors, which give the yarns an infinity of tones and shades, making of Manos palette something unique, special, and easily recognizable worldwide.

We spin by hand our craft yarns, which are commercialized in the most demanding markets of the USA and Europe.

We also work together with independent artists and craftspeople that provide our outlets with different objects made mainly with national raw materials, such as wood, horn, leather, pottery, etc.

All the garments that are manufactured in Manos, and sold under our trademark, have an identification with the signature of the craftswoman who made it, together with the name of the locality and the cooperative where it was made. This guarantees to us that each garment is unique, and that it has all the work and dedication of one person in it.

When we use a Manos product, we can be sure that it keeps in it all the love and dedication of the craftswoman involved in the process of its creation.