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Wool care

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General Care

For our collection we use low torsion artisan yarns that enhance the softness and natural characteristics of wool.
The friction and rubber from use cause loose wool fibers to accumulate in the fabric surface, this is called ?peeling?.
It is a natural characteristic of wool and shouldn?t be considered as a quality problem. Finer wools such as Merino Extrafine have shorter, thinner fibers that are softer to the hand but also produce higher peeling.
To remove the peeling, we recommend using the electrical devices sold for that use, you can also use scissors or razors, taking extra care not to damage the fabric.
After some time, the development of peeling in a garment is considerably reduced.

Washing Instructions

The recommended care for most of our garments is professional dry clean (gentle cycle).
This is specially indicated for garments made of Merino Extrafine and those with chunky, loose, roving yarn.
However, home washing can be done if performed with extra care.
Hand wash the garment in cold water (never in the washing machine) with delicate wash soap or neutral soap.
Do not soak or rub.
We recommend using a softener in the final wash.
To dry, remove the excess water with a dry towel, then lay flat on a dry towel taking care of giving the original shape and measures. Never hang the garments to dry.
You can apply warm iron with a moist cloth, without pressing to avoid flattening the stitch.