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Creation of the cooperatives

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I joined Manos del Uruguay practically when Manos was born. Therefore I know all the difficulties Manos del Uruguay has had. And how positive cooperatives are nowadays. At present the administration employees are the ones in charge of making payments, of performing all the proceedings regarding social laws, of having insurances up-to-date, of taking care of all the administration for the Head Office. Because it requires a lot of information, and it is being performed by the ladies themselves, who, in one way or another have had a training trajectory that has enabled them to do all that. To me, I say, this is the most important and what I always highlight when I?m asked, because I lived the whole process.

I think that one of the most important achievements of Manos del Uruguay is having trained a group of people in the manufacturing technical aspect on one side, and, in the technical aspect of how to administer, how to manage and how to organize a company on the other side. Because cooperatives are companies, and that is not easy?.
(Head Office employee).