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International market

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We have been exporting for 30 years to the most demanding markets and to the most sophisticated trademarks.

Manos works for leading companies, which demand the highest quality and the ability of adapting to clients requirements.

With respect to the development of products for the external market, Manos del Uruguay designers meet several times throughout the year with the clients design teams, to jointly develop the different models. This is a very intense work where Manos technical department transforms the design ideas into real garments, in an enriching exchange that encourages us to utilize our techniques in different and creative ways, and that allows our clients to have special and unique products in their collections.

Manos del Uruguay success in exports is based as much on the quality of its products as well as on the design services it provides.

Contracts with these characteristics imply to propose a design and to incorporate the modifications suggested by the client; and, before choosing the cooperative that will be in charge of dispatching the order, there is a whole preparation work to do, so that this order can be completely executed: to prepare the patterns for each size, to ensure the supply of raw materials, to prepare the delivery of final products to the central office, to make the corresponding quality controls and to take all the necessary steps to dispatch the shipment.

It is a constant effort: on one side, to identify the market, to find the clients and to build customer loyalty; on the other side, to coordinate the distance whole production.

The costs of this productive dispersal include: multiplication of prototypes, quality controls, training on the garment, shrinkage of raw materials, fuel, freights, communications, etc....Manos vehicles cover approximately 100,000 km. per syear to take and bring raw materials, garments, tools, between the cooperatives and the service center in Montevideo; a social and productive project which is an example of permanence and originality.