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Our main line of production is represented by the garments and knitted accessories, hand loomed and felted, in a completely handicraft way.

Those are exhibited in two collections per year (Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter)

We also feature a line of articles for home decoration.

In Uruguay it is quite usual to walk on the street on a winter day, and meet someone wearing a Manos del Uruguay product. Its the garment kept with love and care in the wardrobe of many Uruguayans.

Manos del Uruguay is the trademark chosen by excellence when we want to make a special gift, when we want to transmit our affection to our loved ones, or when we want to give as a present something more than a simple object. Manos del Uruguay is an enterprise very loved by Uruguayans, we all feel it a little bit of our own, and all Uruguayans, when they want to give as a gift something representing their country, they immediately choose a Manos del Uruguay product.

And this is not only for the fact of being products manufactured by our own hands, but also because they represent everything we want to transmit from Uruguay: the closeness, the home-made products, the contact with nature, our culture and traditions, garments to which a special attention has been dedicated, which were made with love and care, garments that will accompany in the distance, and that will preserve that Uruguayan color anywhere in the world. This is why Manos del Uruguay is the first chosen trademark at the time of making a gift, and this is why so many Uruguayans as well as foreigners choose Manos products when they want to take a little bit of our inner tradition and reality abroad.

Because more than clothes, Manos del Uruguay products are an extension of our environment, where the body ends and nature begins; garments that capture the spirit, the vitality and the sincerity of our nature.

At the time of designing for the local market we have very present the trends of our clients abroad, who, being mostly from the northern hemisphere, start developing their collections before we do.