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Francis Mallmann in Manos del Uruguay

We want to share with you a story that filled us with joy. Francis Mallmann, Argentina's most famous Gourmet cook visited and cooked for us in our cooperative Fraile Muerto in the department of Cerro Largo.
In his tireless search for new and unknown landscapes, Francis chose to explore our rural Uruguay of soft wavy hills, and it was in the corner of our CARF cooperative where he found the ideal place for one of his original gastronomic deployments.

CARF is one of the Manos del Uruguay cooperatives dedicated to spinning wheel and wool dyed by hand.

Francis's visit caused a big fuss in the co-operative and in the whole town. Fraile Muerto was filled with cameras and, in the central square, people made themselves comfortable to take part of the spectacle of Francis Mallmann?s show preparing the fire to prepare a wonderful meal.

The artisans showed their culinary skills and entertained the distinguished guest with homemade bread, fried cakes, dulce de leche, jams and a great stew.

But not only the craftswomen wanted to feed the man and his team, but also their family members and relatives were excited to offer him their gifts.

Surrounded by artisans, turkeys and lambs, and framed by freshly dyed skeins of wool drying in the sun, Francis cooked in his large pot over low heat and delighted us with one of their delicacies: golden rice.

The gastronomic experience, in addition to flooding us with original tastes and aromas, allowed us to share this special Chef?s lifestyle, who is not only dedicated to cooking, but who also invites us to discover the poetry of every place he visits.
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