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45 years Made by Hand

For 45 years we create, produce and sell crafts made with our hands and with Uruguayan materials, preserving and respecting the traditions and techniques that construct the identity of our country, fusing culture, tradition and talent.

On Friday, June 21, at our local in Montevideo Shopping, we tender for a dream than has been possible and remains a reality thanks to the work and the ability of all Uruguayan artisans and craftsmen. All of them make it possible that Manos del Uruguay is the pride of an entire country.

The event is part of the issue of revaluing all aspects Sustainability and sustainable ecological wool.

With a specially designed window is showed through explanatory panels, the entire process of wool: since it shearing sheep, until the creation of the yarn, inviting the audience to participate in this tour and to meet and reassess what is behind this amazing process.

During the event the guests took Knorr soups and wines from the cellar Deicas.

Thanks to all who joined us and Knorr soups and wineries Deicas for giving us once again its unconditional support.
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