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Vientos del Sur and Manos del Uruguay

Manos del Uruguay, Francis Mallmann and the Patagonian winter met around the fire at ?La Soplada? [The Blown One], the new cabin of the Gourmet Channel renowned chef, point of departure of each gastronomic tour of his new program season ?Vientos del Sur? [Winds from the South?].

Francis built his hut entirely of wood. ?La Soplada? is the name he chose for this house, which the wind has already blown down three times. It is hidden among the beauty of the mountains, the lakes and the snow; no roads lead to it, except for the track of the skis and snowmobiles. This remote spot is located in the high mountains of the province of Río Negro, Argentina, very close to Bariloche.

?The return to the winter is no small thing; we passed from the plain and the mud to the heights of the mountains. These height differences as we go up can make the temperature fall abruptly. It is necessary to wear warmer clothes.? Francis Mallmann.

Manos del Uruguay decorated the corners of this cabin, thinking of every color and every texture. Our yarns and fabrics cover the windows and armchairs that surround the fireplace and are the shelter that Francis offers his guests.

We designed the ?ponchos? and blankets for those who visit La Soplada, the curtains for the huge windows framing the mountains, and the cushions for the sofas where wines and homemade breads are shared. We combined the embroideries and simple weaves, like Francis? dishes, which are characterized by the return to the basic and everyday ingredients, classic utensils, and plain flavors with a gourmet touch.

All the textiles were made from wool and hand-knitted in our cooperatives, using the fiber natural colors and adding small red accents.

?Since we were very young, this southern route has had a mysticism rooted in the to understand its hairy sacks, its shrubs of wind, its relentless aridity? Its towns embraced by the wind? And us? who were the children of the lakes and the snow? We soon recognized in its physiognomy and in the coming and going of its tracks another beauty, as the one of the woman who hides herself under a large dress, and who, when undressing, leaves us amazed by the beauty of her lines and contours. That secret is always good?. Francis Mallmann.
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